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Robot Luftwaffen-Eigentum #F60054-5, V2, w/o Finder, body only, Ex-      $

Robot Luftwaffen-Eigentum #F59448-6, V4, black Tele-Xenar 7.5cm/3.8 L-E, mask, Ex-     $275.

Robot Luftwaffen-Eigentum #F56457-6, V4, w/o Finder, black non-focusing Tele-Xenar 7.5cm/3.8 L-E, Ex+     $375.

Robot I #26655, CZJ Tessar 3cm/2.8, 5cm Viewfinder Mask, cassettes, case, Ex     $275.

Robot II #B44182-5, CZJ Tessar 37.5/2.8, (2) cassettes, Ex-      $125.

Robot II #B83516, Xenar 37.5/2.8, (2) cassettes, case, Ex      $145.

Robot II #B91929, CZJ "pancake" Tessar 32.5/2.8 #2027811, (2) cassettes, case, Ex       $145.

Robot II #B93270, CZJ Tessar 37.5/2.8, (2) cassettes, case, Ex       $145.

Robot II #B93808, CZJ Tessar 37.5/2.8, (2) cassettes, case, Ex       $145.

Robot II #B96857, CZJ Tessar 37.5/2.8, cassette, Ex       $145.

Robot IIa #C100505, Schneider Radionar 38/3.5 #4442792, cassette, Ex++       $175.

Robot German Army #F57065-5, CZJ Tessar 37/2.8, cassettes, rewind Handle, case, Ex      $NFS

Robot Star II Vollautomat #L-158569, chrome, Xenar 38/2.8 #4641425, cassettes, Ex+     $225.

Robot Star Classic #CL212696, Special Edition, white enamel, Xenon 40/1.9 black #14310321, cassette, Mint      $NFS

Robot Recorder-36M #184475, black, body only, Ex+      $150.

Robot Recorder-36B #188399, gray, body only, Ex+      $150.



Schneider Xenar 38/2.8 #13283307, late "all black" production, Mint-     $135.

Schneider Xenar 38/2.8 #13783142, late "all black" production, Mint-     $135.

Schneider Xenon 40/1.9 #2080335, chrome, coated, Ex      $100.

Rodenstock Heligon 4cm/1.9 #2001102, chrome, non-coated, CLA'd, Ex/Ex+      $395.

Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 4cm/2 #2511138, chrome, non-coated, CLA'd, Ex      $295.

Tele-Xenar Luffwaffen-Eigentum (5) 7.5cm/3.8 #1817657, black, NON-focusing, non-coated, Ex      $150.

Schneider Tele-Xenar 75/3.8 #4473014, chrome, tread mount, coated, Ex+     $125.

Schneider Tele-Xenar 135/4 #5465257, black, cover 24x36mm, bayonet mount, hood, Ex+     $245.



Robot Viewfinder Mask 7.5 cm, chrome, Ex     $50.

Robot Viewfinder Mask 7.5 cm, black, Ex+     $50.

Robot 75mm Bright Line ViewFinder, for SM Robot lenses, chrome, Mint-    $75.

Robot 24x24mm Universal Viewfinder 30-150mm, Ex      $100.

Robot Ground Glass frame, chrome, Ex/Ex+     $75.

Robot +2 Close-Up attachment, box, Ex     $25.

Robot Electric Motor 24V, Ex+      $75.

Robot Cassettes T, Ex/Ex-    $25.

Robot Cassettes N, Ex/Ex-    $25.

Robot Cassettes N, box, Mint      $35.

Robot Cassettes NR, Ex/Ex-    $25.

Robot Slides Frames, metal w/glass, box of 30, Like NEW      $20.ea




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