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    VINTAGE   Y A S H I C A  Twin Lens Reflex  CAMERAS



Yashica Mat-124 #9080909, Yashinon 80/3.5, non working exposure meter, Ex/Ex+      $

Yashica TLR WIDEANGLE Set, Ex-    $60.

Yashica TLR TELEPHOTO Set, caps, case, Ex+     $70.

Yashica TLR Close-Up #2, case, box, Mint-     $25.

Tamron 4x Telephoto focusing Attachment, case, Ex+     $50.



Minolta Autocord A #153814, c.1955, 2nd version, Chiyoko Rokkor 75/3.5, Optiper-MXS shutter, cap, Ex++/ Mint-     $245.

Minolta Autocord L #210558, c.1958, export version, Chiyoko Rokkor 75/3.5, Seikosha-MX shutter, Ex-     $150.

Minolta Autocord I #400283, c.1965, 3rd version, Rokkor 75/3.5, Citizen-MVL shutter, cap, black case, Ex+     $225.



Mamiya MamiyaFlex Junior, 6x6cm, Neocon 75/3.5, Stamina shutter, Ex-/user      $

Ikoflex Favorit (887/16), c.1957, 6x6cm, Tessar 75/3.5, Synchro-Compur MX, working meter, Ex++/Mint-     $345.

Zeiss Ikoflex III (853/16) #L62979, 6x6cm, CZJ Tessar 8cm/2.8, Compur-Rapid, CLA'd, Ex++/Mint-      $495.

Topcon Primo-Jr. #278762, gray metal with gray leather, 4x4cm, 127 film, Topcor 6cm/2.8, gray cap, CLA'd, Mint-     $275.





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